That keno is a fun, dynamic and very easy to play game, no one doubts.

But it is exactly this ease in gameplay that can bring some misconceptions to gamblers. Here we will give you some precious tips so you can have more fun and still profit!

The game

The keno is a mudah5 game of Chinese origin ranging from bingo and the lottery. The main difference between keno and bingo is that you mark the numbers before they are drawn. The player can mark up to 15 numbers on a numbered card and the results are immediate, which guarantees a lot of entertainment!

Mistakes that shouldn’t be made

Believing in game strategies

Game results are completely random and there is no saving strategy other than luck itself. And precisely because there is no possible strategy, the only action that can increase your winning probability is to play as many numbers as possible.

Not knowing how to balance expenses and earnings

Keno is a game that offers more advantage to the house than to the player, and this must be taken into account when placing the bet. The lower the bet, the smaller the profit. The higher, the greater the gain… And the greater the loss, if you don’t win!

So consider betting on six or eight numbers. This is a way for you to get a balanced game between expenses and losses or expenses and gains!

Play without a set budget

Because it’s a simple and fast game, it’s easy to get lost in betting during keno matches.

Pre-set a limit value before starting the game and divide it into parts to place your bets. After all, the idea of ​​the game is to have fun, and that doesn’t include making bad decisions that become problems later on.

Insist on the game when you’re losing

In casino games it ‘s normal to win and lose, of course. What is not normal is to lose successively and keep playing! As keno is a game that depends exclusively on luck, insisting on this or that number as if it were a salvation from loss is a very wrong idea. Keep in mind that if the game is getting stressful it’s time to stop.

believe in the tide of good luck

Just as there are days when luck seems to have deserted us, there are days when we have all the luck in the world! And that can be dangerous too! The tendency of a player who enjoys successive wins is to bet bigger and bigger, and not very rarely do we see bets that are higher than the winnings. Beware of emotion traps!

Play without knowing the house rules

Never fail to understand the rules of the game and casino you have chosen to play. Sounds like a joke, but it’s very common to see gamblers losing because they don’t know what they’re doing! Never fail to read the information that is made available within the chosen games, agreed?

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