The slot machine machines are played from the late nineteenth century, so have a long history together with buffs bets!

Although their resounding success on online casino sites is relatively new. They’ve been around for a long time and now we’re going to tell you a little bit about the biggest fun facts about slot machines!

Come with us to find out more!

The first slot machines

There are two theories as to their emergence. The first states that in 1981 the Americans Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn owned a machine with 5 drums and 50 cards. When the reels stopped spinning, the cards were displayed, forming a poker hand. The winning hand would be awarded and the prizes were drinks and cigarettes.

The second story involves Charles August Fey, who between 1987 and 1989 would have developed three slot machines. The most famous of them being “Liberty Bell”. That made automatic awards of up to ten coins.

The first video slot

With the resounding success of the first machines, the need to create safer versions against possible fraud was recognized.

It was then that in 1963 the first video slot version was born. Money Honey was created in the United States and soon gained fans in the already famous Las Vegas!

the meaning of the name

The name “slot machine”, in Portuguese, is far from expressing anything positive. It is as if the machine was intended only to take the customer’s money, without offering anything else in return. And we know it’s not like that.

Slot machines, or slot machines (in English), offer entertainment, fun and, above all, many opportunities to earn!

They offer the most diverse themes, pleasing all tastes! Its developers are giant industries that strive to create games that provide moments of great emotion to their users, even offering millionaire jackpots.

Programming of slot machines

Slot machines work by generating combinations of figures that offer payouts to the player.

It is important to know the games, the prizes and their jackpots (if any), but there is no strategy for playing slot machines. Their programming, which generates random figures all the time, is the greatest proof that there is only one big factor to guarantee high profits, and that’s called luck.

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